"Why do you do this?"
We often get asked the question, as well as "Can you sleep on these bikes?" and "Is it really that confortable??"
It's usually difficult to explain why we travel but we will explain how we came to that idea!

We come across the recumbents (or bents) in 2006. We can't remember where we first discovered it but we couldn't ride again on a 'normal' bicycle!
At that time, we have just come back from a one-year trip in Asia (From Asia with love) and we know already we want to travel again. We want to travel by bicycle because we don't want to be as dependent on public transports as we have been in our first trip. We start searching the internet ... and discover the recumbents. They look so original and confortable that we fall in love with them!

We are quite wobbly at the beginning ... it's not easy, the position is completely new to us and not so easy to hold at low speed. But within about 10 min we get to grips with it and cycle proudly ... on a parking! It's a start!
We try several brands in England and in France and at the end we decide to go for the Streetmachines (Hp Velotechnik), a german brand. A month later, we get the long-awaited phone call: "Your bikes have arrived"!
First test: cross London on a Saturday afternoon on bikes we have only tried 5 min ...
Thanks to Guillaume who rides in front on his bicycle, we only have to focus on keeping our balance.

We spend the following months cycling every week-end: along the Thames to Richmond on a sunny Sunday afternoon, in the centre of London or just in Hyde Park to show off amongst the families.
Samples of conversations:
"Mummy, what's this bicycle? ... It's to sunbathe, honey!"
"Daddy, Daddy, look behind, there is an 'upside down' bicycle" ... Ben kindly goes in front to prevent the father from falling off his bike!!

In September 2007, we try the bents in Cornwall for a week. We love it!
Our only worry are Sylvie's knees. After 4 days, she is in too much pain to carry on cycling and we have to stop. Back to London, she does physio sessions and lots of exercises to strengthen the muscles. We also make changes on the bikes so hopefully it will be alright!

Next step: we leave on April 2008 for the big trip!