Equipment and preparation

This page is dedicated to all those planning a cycling trip.

We put here the complete list of our equipment to give ideas to those who are preparing for their first cycling trip. We also reviewed what we carry in our panniers. After two years of travel, we can tell you what has survived and what has broken down!

Tip: before buying the tent of your dreams (or the rain jacket that never leaks), have a look in the stores, compare the materials, setup a few tents (we always underestimate the size of the panniers), try a few jackets ... We met several cyclists who purchased equipment on the internet and were disappointed.

Feel free to write us if you still have questions after reading these articles. You can also look at the sites of the cyclists we met (Travel blogs).

Choosing your touring bicycle


Choosing your tent and sleeping bag

Cooking and water


Electronic, maps and guidebooks

Daily routine and knee issues

List of equipment

Maintenance and repairs

Travelling by bike … where to sleep at night?

Financing a cycling trip

Travelling by plane with a bicycle