A few statistics

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Distance/day: 150km (Khawas - Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Distance/week: 550km (Turkmenistan)

Speed: Ben - 72km/h; Sylvie - 64km/h (Sufiyan descent, Iran)

Pedalling time: 8h (Bulgaria)

Days without a shower: 6 (crossing of Turkmenistan)

Price of a hotel night: 2$ (Terminal hotel, Mary). Also qualifies for 'worst hotel we have ever slept in'!

Worse day: Constance lake - Tuttlingen. Rain and cold all day and, when we arrived at 8 pm, we found the camp site had closed!

Best day: there has been a lot! All the encounters we made, the quiet and idyllic places, the wonderful sceneries, the big uphills we have conquered...

Inequalities: in the first 2 months, Ben lost 10 kg et Sylvie ... none! So, girls, there is no point in joining a gym! Boys, it seems a bit of exercise does you good! :o) 

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