Europe (April - June 2008)

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Germany, Switzerland & Austria:
Great countries for cycling! Cycling paths everywhere and more signs than we ask for. Each swiss village has its own cycle shop and a fountain of drinkable water.
HP Velotechnik dealers:
Tretbar, the owner travels also by bike. He spent a few hours helping us, very friendly!
Baden (Wien):
Zwei plus zwei, Andrea changed the suspension on Sylvie's bike and also helped us with some minor issues on our bikes.
We stayed mostly in campings but noticed that the distance between them was increasing the more we were going east.
Tuttlingen:  no camping but we stayed at the very friendly 
Hotel Rosengarten. The owners have lived in Namibia for 12 years, great conversations and warm welcome.
Hostel Ruthensteiner, good atmosphere and close to the centre with the subway. The Neue-Donau camping was actually open but we got the wrong information.

Roads: good and bad but there are more cycling paths than in France! Avoid tracks when it's raining, we nearly got stuck.
Sleeping Budapest:
camping Haller, excellent. The 4th night is free. Avoid Romai Furdos, awful!

Roads: good state.
Very friendly people. Our favourite country in Europe, that says it all!
Campings: well indicated on 
GTZ maps. Sometimes they are not official but they have water and cold showers.
Pensions: we loved staying at pension Mitic (Delan & Zdenka, Ive Lole Ribara 68, Bački Monoštor, 025/807-173), we are actually thinking of going back for holidays! Delan and Zdenka are in their thirties and they speak perfect english, excellent when you want to know more about Serbia.
Don't miss the small pension in Tekija (towards the end of the Danube gorges). No name, just ask for it in the village. Wonderful view and the lady is very friendly.

Very friendly people and not too much traffic.
Roads: varies from the perfect road to holes everywhere to cobbled roads!
Campings: on the Black sea coast only as it seems. Only 2 nights in Bulgaria: Vidin, Hotel Anna Kristina. Orjahovo, 'camping' in the reception of the hotel.

Friendly people but noisy. Horns honking, people clapping and shouting ... well, it's nice to be encouraged!
Roads: varies a lot too ... Traffic is very dangerous, no speed limits and drivers prefer to avoid holes than cyclists so they often drive on the wrong side of the road.
Sleeping: 2 nights only. 1st one in a garden. 2nd one in the motel next to the bridge in Giurgiu. There is another motel going east cheaper and more friendly.

Train for Istanbul: Ruse-Istanbul (no stop in Giurgiu). We paid 4 beds in a 6-bed compartment (take the 4 at the bottom). There will be some resistance when you buy the tickets and when you get on the train but we managed!

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