Iran or not Iran?

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Istanbul ... 14/07 - 17/07

On Tuesday morning, just when we are about to leave the hotel, we get more bad news:"Your application for the iranian visa has been rejected!" ... Why?? "Top secret" says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... Hum ... We don´t feel that flattered. It´s a big disappointment. Everyone we met had a wonderful experience in Iran. We even meet an Austrian cyclist who stayed for 3 months! So we decide to try with another agency. We also need to make up our mind between Cappadoccia and the Black sea. We decide to cycle with Benoît to the Black sea, we will choose later. We move to Sultanahmet and Benoît leaves his Harem (a 24-bed dorm) to share a 4-bed room with us. We spend the days planning and dreaming about the trip. In evenings, after a kebab and a çay, we watch the whirling derviches. We secretly hope they fall after their 10 min dance but they never do ...

In the last few days, we meet some very interesting people. Koray, the concierge of the Hilton joins us for a drink with his girlfriend. They speak english perfectly. Koray was in the army with Nato in Mons. Ben has some family there! His girlfriend studies in Switzerland to be a chef. We spend a great evening!

We also meet Sabine, a french woman who has been leaving in Istanbul for 12 years. We learn a lot about the Turks and turkish culture. Especially that here, it´s not polite to leave an empty plate on the table ... But in France you have to wait until everyone has finished to take the plates away!

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